Luma Home Wifi 3-Pack

Luma Home Wifi 3-Pack

MODEL: 860570000240
Luma Home Wifi 3-Pack
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Luma is the worldʼs fastest and most reliable home Wi-Fi system that only takes minutes to set up. Just three little Lumas will work together to blanket your home with stable, super-fast WiFi in every room.

Don’t Settle for Weak WiFi — Freedom to roam anywhere in and around your home, with strong and fast Wi-Fi. No matter how many devices you have, or how many people are on the network, Luma has your home covered. Luma automatically fine-tunes and optimizes your mesh network to perfection.

Block Hackers — Luma continuously checks every connected device for hackers and malware to make sure your network is always safe. No network should be without a good security system. Protect yours with cybersecurity traditionally employed by large businesses, right from your router.

Your Kids Saw What? Use the familiar PG rating scale to control what your kids see on the internet, pause the internet, and set time limits and bedtimes at the touch of a button.

Performance and Safety


Two Gigabit ethernet ports of WANQuad-core processor, LED light ring and LAN, USB 2.0

iUniversal Plug and Play (UPnP), Custom DNS
Simultaneous dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz 
Two Gigabit ethernet ports of WAN and LAN, USB 2.0

Physical Attributes

Dimensions 1.18"D x 4.60"W x 4.13"H
iOS or Android devices
Included  Luma, Power adapter, Ethernet cable Quick start guide

Model Details

Manufacturer Model
1 year 
Networking  Universal Plug and Play (UPnP), Custom DNS

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